Major Decision

Major Decision

Are you an undergrad commerce student unsure of which major to choose from? We know the struggle and turmoil of such a life-changing decision, so we've teamed up with ASA, ASS, ESSA and UNIT to provide you an event designed to answer all of your pressing questions. 

The event will consist of two parts:

The first features a panel of expert older students from all majors; they'll answer questions from students in the crowd and from FAQ's we've already got planned (we got your back, shy kids). 
The second part is a 'networking' session where you get to visit the club stalls and ask more questions on a one-on-one basis. 

Yes, there will be food & drink. Yes, this event is free. Yes, you can come even if you're not a member of SAMM. 

Come with your friends! The more the merrier! (Except not really because there are limited seats. So get on it.)